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Teacher Appreciation Gift’s

 So last week was Teacher Appreciation week. The kids wanted to participate and they should…their teachers deserve it! Well seeing as there are 5 kids at my house, I didn’t want to do a gift a day. That can add up really quick! So I did some research and found some good ideas for them to pick from. I told myself they all had to do the same gift to make it easier. Of course they all didn’t want the same gift so I let the bigger kids choose 2 different ideas. Madelyn didn’t have a choice because I knew what I wanted to make for her teacher. She is pregnant and I KNOW Madelyn isn’t the easiest child to watch so I wanted to do something special for her. Here is the bigger girls starting on thier project :)

My two nieces chose to do the Pencil Vase. I found 2 toilet bowl scrubbers on clearance for $1. Their teacher will never know it really wasn’t a vase!

Nevaeh and my nephew Jordyn wanted to do the Crayon Monogram. NEVER AGAIN will “I” do this. This gift wasn’t one they could do because it required using a knife to cut every crayon. They loved the final product but boy o boy was it time consuming.

And last but not least, Madelyn made her teacher a giftbox out of a to-go container. I got her a few items I thought she would like including her favorite candy. I traced the shape of the to-go box with some brown bag wrapping paper I had. Madelyn decorated each side of the box so it was made with love from her. It’s a bit messy to ready but she wrote she loves her, Madelyn’s name, she drew a few pictures of her teacher and a sun. The best part for her was using my entire small container of glitter flowers. She wanted them everywhere! She walked with her head held high into daycare with her gift!


So what did you think!?!?!? Did you go out of your way to help your child thank their teacher??  Thank you gifts are the best thing we can do for anyone! They can really make a persons day! Heck I would love one as a matter of fact!!! Here they are super sleepy……BUT eager to take their gifts to school!

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  1. jenn (May 17, 2012)

    I Looove them ! Where do you find those frames … I’ve been looking for different frames for my family photo wall

    • Marlaina (May 17, 2012)

      LOL I could tell you “my version” of the store name but its in the same family as Melrose. Its called Fallas Paredes….I think. I got them for $3.99!!!!!!!! Girl you know I am cheap :)

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